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Anchor G

The Anchor G was originally our family cattle brand. From the Anchor G to the Tatum Bar, to the idyllic Wynnewood, Oklahoma of the 1960s - we are constantly seeking to revive that spirit of independence, entrepreneurship and fierce creativity that led so many of our families west in every service we offer. We hope that working with us will inspire you to feel the beauty of the American West and the exhilaration of creating a unique experience of truly gathering with those you love -  much like our family gathered around the ranch table for generations.


Meet Abbey

Owner Abbey Cook splits her time between Montana and New York City and plans weddings and events all over the country. An aspiring Rancher, she is learning the art of animal husbandry and growing blooms for custom floral arrangements alongside her best friend, Flint Creek Farms. In her spare time she is renovating an 1880s mansion in Downtown Helena with her two rescue dogs, ten chickens, and incredibly tolerant husband.

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