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Camp Gappa Gappa

I'm pretty sure it has taken me as many tries to write this post as times we rescheduled the event itself. Ivy and Alex ended up eloping but they decided they wanted to throw a celebration with all of their friends and family to celebrate their union ... even if that party was nearly 2 years later. Time just seems to move a little weirdly these days - everything is flying by but standing still all the same somehow.

Ivy's original inspiration pitch for this event was (and I quote) "Wet Hot American Summer, Wes Anderson, 1970s mod, Summer Camp, ABBA, Disco vibes." I think the pictures will speak for themselves, there.

It was a full weekend of camp games, camp fun and the best friendships I've ever been lucky enough to be adopted into. A great reminder that a marriage celebration doesn't need to be traditional - celebrating your friends and family at the same time as your own commitment to one another is incredibly special.

You can feel the joy radiating out of these images and I couldn't be more thrilled to share this day with everyone.


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